Harmony Recording Project


This project was based on creating a harmony that works with a melody I created from an earlier project.

Lesson Harmony


We were given a harmony in GarageBand and altered the melody using the C-major chords.

Here is the score of my recreation.


This was the easiest part of the project. I simply rearranged the notes of the C-major chord to create different patterns.

One of My Favorite Harmonies

Here is the music video of one of my favorite harmonies.

Here is the harmony in the beginning of the song “Under The Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


I like this section of the harmony because it is repetitive and gets stuck in your head. The harmony used here consists of the chords D, F#, and E. The tonic chord being C and the tension chord is Am.

My Harmony


Shown above is the harmony and melody I created in GarageBand using the C-major chord. The harmony track (top) displays the chord progression of C, G, Am, and F.

Harmony Terms

  • Drone- continuos tonic note
  • Movable Drone- shadows the melody
  • Harmonics- multiple (hidden) notes revealed by plucking in different lengths along a string
  • Triad- chord of three different notes
  • Sharps- higher pitch
  • Flats- lower pitch
  • Major Triad- a triad with notes a whole step apart
  • Minor Triad- a triad where the middle chord is a half note lower
  • 1st note of C Maj. triad- note C
  • 3rd note of C Maj. triad- note E
  • 5th note of C Maj. triad- note G
  • Polyphony- two or more simultaneous lines of independent melody
  • Accented notes/beats- emphasis on a beat/pulse
  • Chord Progression- order of chords

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

For this project, I created the melody and harmony in GarageBand instead of onlinesequencer.net. I am not yet completely used to GarageBand so I still encountered a  few minor problems but they were easily fixed. I learned how to make harmony based on the melody and make minor and major chords.

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